North-west bakery chain Sayers and Hampsons has decided to celebrate National Cupcake Week, not with an attempt to make the largest cupcake, but by creating the smallest!

Sayers said the Guinness Book of Records entry for the World’s Smallest Cupcake has never been recorded, so it is hoping its mini baked good will be a worthy contender.

The cake itself only took one egg and 30 minutes to make. It measures 3cm in height and 1.5cm in diameter.

In addition to its mini cupcake creation, Sayers and Hampsons will celebrate the Week by launching its full-size cupcakes across all stores, available in four different varieties. The miniature cupcakes will not be for sale.

A spokesperson for the bakery added that the firm is “proud to break the mould”, for its small creation. “It should create some healthy competition, so next year we’ll go microscopic.”