Brand new at the Iba show in Düsseldorf was a working prototype of the new industrial König automatic divider-rounder.
Developed from the Industrie Rex III, the new model known as the Industrie Rex Hyper, came about after extensive customer surveys throughout Europe. Stewart Morris, director of UK supplier EPP told British Baker: "We studied all the ideas from the surveys and came up with key improvements. Customers wanted more and more time-saving, increased productivity and they wanted machines that were easy to clean to the very highest hygiene levels.
"As a result the new divider-rounder can be dis-assembled (it’s normally fixed) for full cleaning in 15 minutes. It can then be jet-washed. This makes it a revolutionary step forward in roll plant design."
Central components of the machine have been combined to produce changeable sub-systems, which can be easily cleaned and serviced at the end of a shift, saving downtime. On the dough side, pressure is simple to adjust for different products and can be recalled via the linkage programme.
König also unveiled an all-purpose final prover. Based on a proven racking and storing system, it allows the individual proving plates to be stored for a specified time, giving maximum flexibility with different products. The system meets the latest hygiene requirements and offers a large proving area but only takes up a small amount of space.

Also at Iba, VMI showcased a new spiral and a new planetary mixer. Mickaël Roussière of VMI told British Baker: "We assembled our most experienced people and sat down at the drawing board."
The new spiral mixer is designed to save time and money. It has built-in flexibility for mixing more dough when required and satisfies the most stringent hygiene requirements, because the materials used are stainless steel and plastic. This means it can be easily washed down.
Roussière comments: "Bakeries are becoming more like food factories. Before, they were not designed to be washed down, but now they are and the customer is driving it."
Another aspect of the VMI spiral mixer, which Roussière says is unique, is that you can adjust the position of the spiral and centre post in the retaining bowl, because although the machine is a single spiral mixer it has a place for another spiral, making it a twin.
The VMI new spiral mixer, available in the UK through EPP, can also be installed as part of an in-line or rotating carousel automatic mixing system. Its design also means it is very easy to see inside the bowl and it has easy access with centralised lubrication.
VMI also launched a compact bridge-type planetary mixer, also described as "very easy to clean and with a new patented gearbox". Its two main advantages are its flat roof for simple cleaning, while the gearbox is slim and compact.
Roussière says: "The planetary mixer offers the best parameters for mixing and the baker can adjust the ratio of speed between tools and the double rotation. This makes the mixer more efficient, because the ratio can be adjusted to suit diffe-rent products."