Trend-spotters from the Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) have predicted 10 key trends that will shape the fast-moving consumer goods industry in the New Year.

1. Amazonia: use of ingredients from the Amazon, such as açaí berries and red grapes.

2. Ethical products: Fairtrade and sustainable ingredients, which help to highlight local products.

3. Refillable and biodegradable packaging.

4. Natural products.

5. Simplicity in products and marketing messages.

6. Technology: advanced packaging and consumer tracking procedures.

7. The internet as a marketing medium. More companies are expected to join the ’blogging’ revolution.

8. Teens and seniors: the two consumer groups that will continue to matter for companies.

9. Key opportunities for companies to convert teen users into adult loyalists lie with a new focus on products ’growing up’ with teens.

10. Breakfast will continue to see new innovation and development.

"We’re talking about trends, not fads here, so we predict that all of these developments will be around for some time to come. Of course, certain innovations will have a much greater impact on some regions than others.

"Amazonia has greatest impact right now in North America, but will spread to Europe, while sustainability has been stronger in Europe, but is beginning to grow in the US," said David Jago, director of GNPD Custom Solutions at the research company.