Hereford-based Tromp Bakery Systems (TBS) has brought together industrial bakery and food processing equipment from its five specialist European manufacturers to customers in the UK and Irish bakery industries.

The company offers direct and indirect fired tunnel ovens from VDP Baking Systems. They feature internal insulation, off-the-floor construction, safety management and a multi-functional touchscreen control panel. The firm’s direct fired tunnel ovens use natural or propane gas, with independent top and bottom heat, an automatic combustion system and accurate temperature control. Each baking zone is divided into sub-zones with their own temperature sensors.

VDP indirect fired tunnel ovens operate to the cyclothermic principle with low-maintenance modulating burners in round heating tubes with a large surface area, adjustable valves controlling top and bottom heat and a choice of natural gas, propane or oil as the heating medium. The baking conveyor can be made of wire mesh, chain, steel, stone or plates according to the product.

Waffle ovens are also available with a capacity of up to 10,000 products an hour over a 60-minute baking time. Hard or soft dough waffles are transported through the direct fired oven in indented plates mounted on a solid base frame. Applications such as filling with syrup, trimming to size, cutting in half and cooling can be done in-line using VDP processing systems.

In the UK, TBS offers local engineering and after-sales