United Biscuits (UBUK) has reintroduced its range of price-marked packs on some snacks and nuts.

The new selection of 42p price-marked handypack snacks include: Hula Hoops 34g (several flavours), Skips 17g (prawn cocktail), Nik Naks 30g (Nice N Spicy, Rib N Saucy and Scampi & Lemon), Wheat Crunchies 30g (crispy bacon, spicy tomato and Worcester sauce), Discos 28g (salt & vinegar and cheese & onion), Frisps 28g (cheese & onion and salt & vinegar), and Roysters 28g (T-Bone steak).

The 89p price-marked packs include KP Nuts (salted) 90g, KP Nuts (dry roast) 80g, and KP Jumbo Nuts (salt & vinegar and spicy chilli) 75g.

UBUK said research showed 65% of impulse purchases for crisps and snacks in stores were due to promotion and packaging. A recent test with price-marked packs generated a 13% increase in retail sales value.