Walkers has become the first food company to retain its Carbon Reduction label, after reducing its carbon footprint by 7%.

The snacks brand was also the first to display the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label in March 2007, when it committed to cut its carbon footprint by 3% by 2009. Companies have to re-apply for the label after two years.

Walkers has introduced a number of energy-saving schemes which helped save 4,800 tonnes of CO2 emissions including: new high efficiency gas burners and low energy lighting; light-weighting packaging; switching to 100% British potatoes to lower food miles; and running delivery trucks on biodiesel containing 5% used cooking oil.

This has saved Walkers more than £400,000 over the past two years, which it has reinvested in future energy-saving projects.

Last year, Mey Selections also signed up to pilot the scheme and now the Highlands-based producer, which makes oatcakes and shortcake, is working to reduce its carbon footprint. Initially, Mey Selections’ Luxury All Butter Shortbread, Heather Honey and Blossom Honey will feature the new label on-pack.