Customers at BP’s Wild Bean Café will now be able to opt for a Hot Pizza Wrap, launched this month in four varieties. Pepperoni features spicy tomato pizza sauce with sliced pepperoni, diced white onion and mozzarella cheese. BBQ Chicken has BBQ sauce, pieces of BBQ marinated chicken breast, diced white onion, sweetcorn, green pepper and mozzarella. Ham and Pineapple offers spicy tomato pizza sauce, chunks of smoked ham and pineapple. Veg Deluxe includes spicy tomato pizza sauce, red and green peppers, roasted portobellini mushrooms, sweetcorn, diced white onion and mozzarella. The wraps are heated in the café’s on-site ovens, with ’hot hold’ packaging designed to make the product easy to eat on the go.

The wraps are available for £2.99 each or £3.69 as part of combo deal with selected soft drinks.