Former Great British Bake Off contestant Cathryn Dresser gives her view the show’s new line-up

The presenters for Channel 4’s version of The Great British Bake Off have been announced (see p7) – and it came as a bit of a shock.

Obviously all the emails I sent to the producers of the show, suggesting I would be a great new presenter went straight into the junk folder! I had also hoped to see one of my gloriously talented Bake Off pals, such as John Whaite or Edd Kimber, in the mix, but this was not to be. 

But that aside, I love this new line-up – it means a totally fresh, new, vibrant hope for what Bake Off will become.

I love that it will have a shake-up and am excited to see what it’s all going to be like. It’s like a Cronut – at first you may have thought ‘What? Why?’ But then you realise a bakery mash-up can be a thing of pure genius.

Stepping into Mary’s perfectly polished shoes is Prue Leith, which I am thrilled about. She was the perfect judge on The Great British Menu, has all of the experience and seemed balanced and measured in her opinions and comments, much like our beloved Mary.

Prue also did a great job of keeping Matthew Fort and Oliver Peyton in check in that role, which bodes well for a banter-filled rapport with Mr Hollywood – a silver vixen to rival the silver fox! Prue makes perfect sense and I love this choice without even needing to see it.

Sandy Toksvig and Noel Fielding are our new presenters. Mel and Sue (and Mary) feel utterly irreplaceable, so let’s try not to see it like this.

I am excited about this new duo presenting my favourite show. Sandy has her own version of the dry, smart wit we all adored in Sue, and Noel has the zany, hilarious charm of Mel. I’m a big Noel fan!

I’m not expecting the pair to be like Mel and Sue and, to be honest, I’m not expecting to love them even nearly as much – at least at first – but for me all the factors that could equal the perfect combination are there.

These choices may seem unusual but could tap all the things we love about the magnificent three who are no longer there.

All we can do now is wait like an overly-anxious Bake Off baker peering into the oven waiting to see if the meringue is perfect, or whether it’s a weepy mess.

Personally, I have every faith it will be simply delicious – ready, steady, bake!