Dave Pickburn Stream CEO

Source: Cybake

Dave Pickburn, Stream CEO

Bakery software provider Cybake has teamed up with logistics and transport management specialist Stream to provide added functionality for delivery processing.

Leeds-based Stream provides cloud software solutions and a range of add-ons to help bakeries delivering goods and products in their own vehicles manage their logistics operations and fleet more efficiently. The Stream Go service optimises delivery routes, captures electronic proof of deliveries and tracks drivers in real time, while Stream Check monitors the roadworthiness and safety of fleets and vehicles.

York-based Cybake’s software – which is used by bakeries to process orders and manage production and invoicing – has similar modules for deliveries and is often used in conjunction with Stream by larger bakeries that manage big fleets of delivery vans and sandwich trucks.

Due to demand from bakeries using both companies’ software, Cybake now has the option of sending customer orders, addresses and geo codes direct to Stream without the need for manual file transfers or checks. Stream subscribers are then able to plan their routes and record proof of deliveries accordingly.

“We’re delighted to welcome Cybake to our growing ecosystem of integrations that help bakeries and other businesses manage their entire operation more effectively,” said Dave Pickburn, CEO of Stream.

“Increasingly, businesses of all kinds are connecting their systems together to drive efficiencies. Cybake is a market-leading software solution for bakeries and aligns perfectly with our existing customer base who operate large, complex logistics operations in that particular sector.”

According to Jane Tyler, managing director of Cybake and the software’s original creator, the integration was “customer-led”.

“Stream is an excellent cloud solution that fits perfectly with the needs of bakeries that operate sizable fleets of delivery vans,” she said. “Plus, it comes from a talented team of rock-solid technologists who know the logistics side of this business inside out. Stream is based down the road in Leeds, so it’s a Yorkshire tech team-up too.”