Equipment supplier Euro Catering has unveiled a new three-strong range of bakery decks and ovens for the first time in the UK.

Available now, the Debag-branded ovens range includes the Debag Helios 4060 electric bakery deck oven; the Debag Dila 5-rack electric convection oven and the Debag Dila 10+5 stacked electric convection ovens.

Euro Catering said the new range would bring bakers professional, but easy-to-use ovens already adopted for use in well-known in-house bakery operations across Europe.

“Introducing the Debag range to the UK is an exciting development for us and having access to the range should be an enticing proposition for UK bakers,” said Euro Catering sales director Justin Towns.

“This is a brand used by both Aldi and Lidl’s bakery divisions across Europe and placed front of house, because of the stylish design credentials that accompany the technical prowess of each oven.”

Debag is a German brand with over 100 years’ experience in delivering equipment for bakers.