A new detector from Banbury-based Fortress Technology is designed to improve waste levels as well as safety.

Fortress Technology said metal detection sensitivity “can deliver optimal food safety whilst helping eradicate false product rejects in bakery and cereal factories”.

Rather than channelling multiple lanes through a single metal detector, one Stealth metal detector is mounted across three conveyor lines.

Each conveyor has its own BRC-approved reject system, which puts a stop to an entire row of good product being rejected and wasted if a contaminated item is identified on one line, according to the company.

“In a five-lane configuration this technically equates to a 400% reduction in false reject waste,” said Fortress European sales director Phil Brown.

Industry estimates put the annual cost of false rejects at up to £14,000 per production conveyor line, depending on the scale of the problem, Brown added.

Having a dedicated aperture on each lane, measuring 175mm x 75mm, means it can detect metal particles down to 0.7mm ferrous, 0.7mm non-ferrous and 1.4mm stainless steel.

The company said smaller apertures cope better with orientation and product effect, “again reducing the likelihood of false product rejects while safeguarding a baker’s brand reputation”.