ULMA Automated Bakery Packaging Line

Source: Ulma Packaging UK

Ulma Packaging UK is targeting small and medium-sized bakery businesses with a new automatic packaging line.

Described as a compact, entry-level system, the line is designed to improve packaging speed and saved floor space while reducing the need for manual handling.

It features a receiving conveyor – to automatically sort bakery products ready for even and continuous row distribution – as well as a drop-down transfer moving belt and can be integrated into existing lines, the packaging machinery provider said.

Products can be accumulated to allow for short breaks in production with automatic re-feed or can be rejected for various product fault conditions, Ulma added.

The belts are also described as easy changeable to help optimise cleaning and maintenance time.

“The benefits of automation have long been known, but for many SMEs in the bakery sector who are still unsure of whether automation is a possibility, especially for smaller packaging lines, it was important for us to show this market the possibilities,” said Steve Craddock, business manager for Automation Projects at Ulma.

“When combined with Ulma’s FR 200 horizontal flow wrapper the benefits continue with even more flexibility and ability to cope with packaging a variety of different products, alongside its sustainability credentials and compatibility with easy to recycle films.”