A wheat field

Source: Getty Images / ChrisHepburn

  • Publication date: Wednesday 3 July 2024
  • Editorial submissions deadline: Wednesday 19 June 2024
  • Editorial contact: Dan Riley, dan.riley@wrbm.com

Unusually wet weather has led to concerns for the UK wheat crop with predictions that it could be the smallest in 10 years. This feature will explore the current situation and potential solutions.

Key questions this article will explore are:

  • What is happening with the UK wheat market and why?
  • What percentage does UK wheat normally account for and how could this change as a result of the current situation?
  • What other markets can UK bakers source their wheat from? Are there any issues with quality or quantity of crops in these markets?
  • What impact will the above have on availability and also prices?
  • What other factors will impact the price of breadmaking wheat?
  • How much of a risk is wheat fraud to UK bakers and what can they do to combat it?
  • What part can technology play in alleviating some of the current market challenges?