A selection of doughnuts with different toppings

Source: Getty Images

  • Publication date: Monday 22 May 2023
  • Editorial submissions date: Friday 5 May 2023
  • Editorial contact: amy.north@wrbm.com

This feature, which will be published during National Doughnut Week, will explore the trends playing out on the doughnut market.

Key topics this feature will explore:

  • What are the top trends playing out in the doughnut market?
  • What are the main influences behind these trends?
  • What are the key flavours, toppings and fillings to look out for in the future?
  • How is the doughnut market changing with regards to the types and size of businesses operating within it?
  • Besides an indulgent treat/snack, what opportunities are there for doughnuts at other occasions? For example, savoury ones? Celebratory ones? Etc…
  • How are consumer concerns around health playing out on the doughnut market?
  • How are manufacturers, bakers and retailers tapping into the above trends? (Please provide examples if you have them).