West Sussex-based Cake Brands has expanded its frozen desserts capacity at its premises in Chichester.

The business, which manufactures under several brands including More Foods, has invested £100,000 in a new high-care (microbiologically safe) area, which is sealed off from the main bakery.

As a result, it will now produce “premium-tier and indulgent” dessert products, including cheesecake and tiramisu under its Sussex Bakes label, managing director Jayson Scheib told British Baker.

The move is part of a wider growth strategy for the business. Recently, Cake Brands merged More Food with its other business, Izzy’s Patisserie, to supply foodservice customers with bespoke frozen cheesecakes, potted desserts and sauces.

“Due to the increased interest in these products, brought on by the ability of the in-house NPD team to create new and innovative products, the business saw the need to introduce a larger high-care dessert facility within the Chichester factory,” Scheib said.

He added that Cake Brands has a dedicated oven that allows throughput from the main bakery into the high-care area.

“We can push in a rack of sponge bases or even cheesecake and that bakes the product, which exits the oven straight into what we call our high-care dessert facility,” he said.

The business, which is currently trialling new desserts, expects to be supplying the foodservice sector, including restaurants and coffee shops, over the coming weeks.