The closure of three bakeries has been announced by food-to-go retailer Greggs, with the loss of 355 jobs.

Sites in Twickenham, Edinburgh and Sleaford have been proposed for closure, according to a full-year preliminary financial statement released by the company.

Greggs said it was aiming to agree a programme to transfer production and distribution operations to other bakeries by the end of the year and would try to find alternative employment for its workers. However, it warned that the location of the sites would mean many would be forced to leave the business.

support long-term growth

The move comes as the company aims to simplify and increase efficiency of its operations and Greggs said that the cuts were needed to support the long-term growth of the business.

In a statement, the company said: “These are difficult changes that we believe are needed to support the long-term growth of the business; however our immediate priority is to work to minimise the negative impact on our people, many of whom have worked in these roles for a significant number of years.

“Wherever possible we would look to offer alternative employment to affected employees but, due to the location of our sites, we anticipate that unfortunately many will leave the business.”