SK Biscuits has taken the tea-biscuit dunk a step further with a new range of shortbreads with tea flavouring. 

The family-run firm has added tea oils and loose leaf tea to create three shortbreads, in partnership with Sheffield’s Birdhouse Tea Company.

During the creaming stage, SK Biscuits’ white chocolate & lemon shortbread is imbued with Bergamot oil, used in Birdhouse’s Earl Grey-style blend; the all butter shortbread is given a hint of English Breakfast Tea; and the St Wilfrid’s apple & cinnamon shortbread has a dash of the Birdhouse Tea Company’s Chai Spice.

Robin and Nicky Jacques were keen to extend the tea theme following the popularity of afternoon tea and tea cocktails.

Nicky Jaques said: “Tea is such an exciting area at the moment and we’re so glad to be part of it.”

Becky English from the Birdhouse Tea Company, said: “Tea and biscuits are an all-time classic and we knew if we combined them with a really good quality, Yorkshire-made biscuit they’d be even better.”

The biscuits will be launched by The Birdhouse Tea Company on 1 July at their pop-up ‘Tea and Treats’ shop in the Winter Gardens, in the centre of Sheffield.