The global seed market is predicted to be worth £4.43bn by 2020, and ancient grain markets are set to experience a 20% growth, according to global market research and consulting firm Mordor Intelligence.

Mordor Intelligence said the popularity of ancient grains such as chia, flax and quinoa have increased “substantially” over the past decade. The global seed market was worth £2.91bn ($4.2bn) in 2015, and is predicted to be worth £4.43bn ($6.4bn) by 2020, according to the company’s new Global Seed Treatment Market Report.

The surge is due to increased health-consciousness and “huge demand from food & beverages” – all three are gluten-free and rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fibres.

As per the 2015 figures, the global market values of chia, flax and quinoa seeds were £134.6m ($194.22m), £389.19m ($561.97m), and £172.19m ($248.54m) respectively. During the forecast period 2015-2020, Mordor said the market for all three grains is projected to witness a growth of more than 20%. Of the three, chia seeds are anticipated to witness the fastest growth, a predicted 46.26%.

The market is currently dominated by inorganic seed varieties, but the report said the demand for organic seeds is expected to increase globally – an emerging demand for organic seed varieties has been witnessed across the globe.