Bidvest Foodservice has expanded its Premium Selection range with the launch of its first savoury muffins.

The farmhouse cheddar cheese & onion, and farmhouse cheddar cheese, tomato & spinach muffins are being distributed frozen in cases of 24.

Rachel Cook, bakery, desserts and fine foods category manager at Bidvest Foodservice, said: “The key USP of the product is they are very versatile, so they can be enjoyed in place of a croissant or a sweet muffin, or can be dressed up as a lunch option.”

She added: “We wanted to show we are not afraid to be a little bit innovative and a little bit different.”

Cook also said Bidvest Foodservice was looking to launch a range of savoury Viennoiserie in the summer, including three savoury twists and three mini croissants.

The twists will come in Monterey Jack & smoked paprika; basil, pesto & sun-dried tomato; and goat’s cheese & honey. Meanwhile, the mini croissants will come in pesto, gouda, and sun-dried tomato.