Two new shapes have been added to Brioche Pasquier’s range of premium biscottes.

Made from bread that has been baked twice, the Petites Baguettes and Grillettines Briochée, are described by the supplier as an alternative to crackers or rolls.

The Petites Baguettes are long and thin with a flat top, which makes them perfect for dipping, according to Brioche Pasquier.

While the baguettes are made from French bread, the Grillettines Briochée are made from brioche and are wider and more rectangular. With a slightly sweeter taste than the baguettes, they are described as being perfect with cheese and fruit.

“These new biscotte shapes give chefs the opportunity to offer their customers a more unusual and interesting addition to their lunch and breakfast dishes,” said Brioche Pasquier. “A change from the traditional crackers or rolls, biscottes bring a Continental touch to any meal.”

Earlier this month, the manufacturer announced the roll-out of a six-strong macaron range.