Marks & Spencer (M&S) has confirmed it will be extending its added fibre policy to instore bakery products, British Baker can reveal.

Back in January, M&S became the first UK retailer to add fibre to its entire range of pre-packed bread and rolls. All the products contain a minimum of 3g of fibre per 100g of bread. 

The company said it also hoped to add fibre to instore bakery products from April, and it has now confirmed that all instore bakery bread will conform to the same standards by the end of the month.

A spokesperson for the company told British Baker: “All of our ISB bread and rolls will be a source of fibre by the end of April.”

She added that there would be at least 3g per 100g in the bread and said: “The minimum there will be is three grams, so if they are [currently] under it they will be bumped up.”

The NHS recommends that adults eat 30g of dietary fibre a day, where most only currently eat 18g.

In January, Jenny Galletly, product developer at M&S, said: “The days of the simple white loaf are numbered. We are now adding fibre to all our bread – including white, to make it healthier for all the family.”

The move adds to M&S’ policy announcement last June that it was to use yeast fortified with Vitamin D in all its loaves and rolls.

Public Health England recently advised the public to eat plenty of bread, and to favour high-fibre and wholemeal products.