Northern Irish bakery firm Genesis Crafty has launched a new range of speciality breads into 200 Waitrose stores throughout the UK.

Run by six baking brothers, the new range marks the bakery’s efforts to increase its presence in the UK.

The new speciality flavours include tomato and herb, pumpkin and rye, and white batch and quinoa.

Brian McErlain, managing director of Genesis Crafty, said: “These speciality breads represent a significant launch for Genesis Crafty and represent a key opportunity for our brand to gain a stronger foothold in the wider UK. Previously our handmade scones and buttermilk pancakes have had the biggest distribution, so this range is a chance for more consumers to try our award-winning bread baking.

“It is important for us to continue to innovate, while remaining true to our traditional, homemade values - and the speciality breads deliver this. Consumers should recognise favourites, such as a classic white batch loaf with an unexpected, delicious twist of added quinoa.”

All three are now available in Waitrose for £1.79. The Genesis Crafty range also includes bread, pancakes, scones, farls, rolls and cakes.

James Dickson, ‎retail buyer at Waitrose, said: “I am delighted to be launching these new breads from Genesis Crafty - they typify an innovative approach to product development, which has been carried out while always keeping a firm eye on quality and the needs of the customer. As we head into the autumn, these breads will make wonderful sandwiches for that lunchtime with a twist.”

The Genesis Crafty bakery is based in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland. It currently employs over 220 staff and claims to produce 440,000 retail units each week.