Product innovation is the key to Warburtons’ survival within the market, according to its chairman.

As reported by British Baker’s sister title,, Jonathan Warburton said if the business did not respond to consumers’ changing diets, it would go backwards.

He said: “If we don’t continue to innovate and make opportunities for consumers to try new things, our business will go backwards. So, it’s an absolutely key element to survival, and we would see it as a lifeblood of the future, without neglecting, of course, what has got us where we are today.”

Warburton highlighted the success of the business’ thins and wraps ranges. Last month, Tesco Express introduced Warburtons gluten-free White and Seeded Sandwich Thins , produced by its gluten-free arm, Newburn Bakehouse.

“We did take a bit of punt, we did some market research, but ultimately you’ve got to trust your judgement,” he explained.

When questioned whether bread is a declining offer, Warburton said in its traditional sense, it most definitely was.

“I would see us continuing to invest in new innovation, and new ways of making things where bread and baked products can be brought to the consumers from around the world.”


Additionally, Warburton spoke on salt and sugar in bakery products, with technical advances allowing for reduced levels.

“Whether we’re at the right level is difficult to judge. We work very hard at it. We’re aware of the pressure from the medical profession. We’ll seek to do what we can. We’re trying to make a product that’s day fresh, every single day of the year, so quality still is the overriding, single most important thing to us.”