The United Biscuits (UB) brand’s new ad features Mini Cheddars and Cream Crackers singing and dancing

The trio of 30-second TV adverts will be aired throughout the year, launching with Jacob’s Cream Crackers, followed by Jacob’s Mini Cheddars, who will both be singing.

The final spot will launch in April, which will feature lip sync battle between a group of bridesmaids and a bag of Jacob’s Cracker Crisps.

UB Savoury Biscuits Marketing Director, Ted Linehan, said: “This new creative direction from our agency, Grey, conveys something we’ve never communicated before with Jacob’s – how our much loved products make people feel, and not just how they taste – built on the core insight that even the smallest of snacks can deliver big satisfaction.”

The first 30-second Jacob’s Cream Crackers advert will run through to 20 March. The new Jacob’s Mini Cheddars advert will then premiere on 25 February. The £15million campaign is being supported by the savoury-snack maker’s biggest ever multi-media campaign, with in-store, PR, social and digital activity.