Yorkshire bakery Lottie Shaw’s has gained listings at Sainsbury’s for its Yorkshire Parkin cake.

The Great Taste Award-winning cake will be stocked at more than 280 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide, marking the first national listing in a multiple for the bakery, which also has listings at Ocado.

Lottie Shaw’s said the listing of its Yorkshire Parkin – a sticky ginger, oatmeal and treacle cake – had achieved its aim of spreading the joy of traditional Yorkshire baking nationwide.

Charlotte Shaw, founder of Lottie Shaw’s, said she was delighted at the Sainsbury’s decision to support an independent local bakery on a national scale. 

“We look forward to partnering with Sainsbury’s and spreading the joy of seriously good Yorkshire baking throughout the country. And to sharing exactly why Yorkshire Parkin is so celebrated in our home county throughout the rest of Britain,” added Shaw.

Last year the business gained listings for its Yorkshire Parkin Biscuit Tubes at 160 Marks & Spencer stores, and 60 Yorkshire-based Morrisons outlets began selling a bespoke pack of its Yorkshire Parkin.