Premier Foods has launched its first Mr Kipling TV advert for two years.

Part of a £2m marketing campaign that covers the brand’s entire portfolio, Mr Kipling’s latest television advert has a slick, socially realistic style – following the ilk of recent ads from Oxo and Sainsbury’s – and also adds a new spin to the firm’s classic ‘Exceedingly Good’ slogan.
Additionally, Mr Kipling has launched new packaging design across many of its signature items; including a new palette comprised of signature colours, improved product photography and a revival of the original logo.

The new campaign follows a drop in the cake giant’s sales, which was announced last quarter and was followed by efforts to produce “more optimal promotional activity”, by owner Premier Foods.

Featuring a young boy in pursuit of an Angel slice at a family gathering, Mr Kipling’s ‘Little Thief’ advert concludes with the child unexpectedly surprising his sister with the cake treat. Focusing on everyday moments in life, it was designed to avoid making consumers feel “very advertised to”, commented Premier Foods.

Live from 19 March, the advert will run until the end of April.

“This campaign is rooted in a life truth, that sometimes it’s the little and seemingly insignificant things in life that can mean the most,” commented Helen Warren-Piper, marketing director at Premier Foods.

“In the advert we see the strong emotional connection that consumers feel with the Mr Kipling brand in a very charming and real way. This campaign reinforces the long-held territory of ‘Exceedingly Good Cakes’ and closely reflects the way that consumers talk to us about their love for Mr Kipling.”

Warren-Piper added that more than 270,000 packs of Mr Kipling’s new Unicorn slices, launched at the start of the month exclusively in Asda, have been sold in less than three weeks.