Warburtons has added a gold commemorative label to some of its most popular products to mark its 140th anniversary.

The label, made up of a gold Union Jack and the words “140 years of quality baking”, above Jonathan Warburton’s signature, will grace the packages of Toastie loaves, crumpets, seeded batch loaves, white rolls and Sandwich Thins from this week.

Jonathan Warburton, chairman of Warburtons, said: “From the moment Thomas and Ellen sold their very first loaf, we’ve strived to make sure each of our products is created to a gold standard of unbeatable quality, and we’re extremely proud to have provided five generations of UK families with a wide range of baked goods everyone can enjoy.

He added: “But our family business isn’t just about creating top-selling, quality baked products. It’s also about teamwork, and after 140 years, it’s still the support of our people and our customers that really keeps us thriving.”

The move will be followed up by a broader anniversary campaign, which will be launched in June of this year.