As the biggest Veganuary to date continues, British Baker rounds up some of the latest launches including new food-to-go and retail products.

Boots sandwiches

Boots has unveiled a duo of limited-edition vegan sandwiches in All Day Breakfast and BLT variants. The Vegan All Day Breakfast sandwich (rsp £3.15) contains a Cumberland-style vegan sausage with scrambled turmeric tofu and tomato sauce in a soft tomato bread. The Vegan BLT sandwich (rsp £2.75) swaps out the bacon for smoky, maple syrup flavoured roasted carrot with tomatoes, vegan mayonnaise and lettuce on malted bread. Both sandwiches are available in the Boots Meal Deal with a snack and a drink from £3.29.

Délifrance Feel Good croissants

Délifrance has added a pre-packed vegan Spelt Flour & Quinoa Croissant to its range of pre-packed products. The launch follows the bakery supplier’s report Beyond Breakfast & Brunch, which found that a ‘good’ vegan offering was a necessity for a good breakfast option, and that pastries were the UK’s breakfast treat of choice.

Co-op BBQ Jackfruit & Slaw sandwich

The Co-op has added a BBQ Jackfruit & Slaw sandwich (rsp £2.50) to its meal deal as part its latest vegan product roll-out. The sandwich contains BBQ Jackfruit on malted bread with slaw, rocket and vegan mayo.

McDonald’s veggie wraps

McDonald’s has added a vegetarian option to its range of wraps, and introduced its first vegetarian Happy Meal option. On the main menu, the Vegetarian Society-accredited Spicy Veggie Wrap includes two red pesto veggie goujons and a seasonal salad, dressed with a spicy relish. The Happy Meal variant contains the same veggie goujons with lettuce and tomato ketchup. The ingredients in both options are dairy-free and vegan. However, McDonald’s uses the same toaster for its wraps as other bread products that contain milk, and so the fast-food retailer is not declaring the product suitable for vegans.

Flavourtown celebration cakes

Flavourtown has released a range of vegan products, including celebration cakes and cupcakes. The cake line-up comprises the Vegan Rainbow Birthday Cake, Vegan Vanilla, Raspberry & Coconut Cake, Vegan Cookies and Cream Cake, Vegan Vanilla Birthday Cake and the Vegan Red Velvet Cake, while the cupcakes are available in  Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet, Chocolate Party, Vanilla Party and Vanilla, Raspberry & Coconut flavours.

Waitrose adds to vegan range

Waitrose has added a further 14 lines to its range of vegan products. Bakery items include the Stonebaked & Hand Stretched Margherita Pizza, Stonebaked & Hand Stretched Barbecue Jackfruit Pizza, Jackfruit Burger and the Vegan MLT Sandwich with mushroom, lettuce and tomato. The supermarket said sales of its vegan and vegetarian ranges had increased by 110% compared to the same week last year, following the launch of its vegan fish-less fingers last week.

Brakes dessert duo

Brakes has launched a duo of gluten-free and vegan dessert options, in chocolate orange and blackcurrant flavours. The Chocolate Orange Dessert comprises a chocolate brownie base topped with a chocolate filling and a tangy orange sauce, decorated with chocolate crumb, while the Blackcurrant Dessert is made up of a biscuit base topped with blackcurrant mousse, and finished with a clear glaze.