New York Bakery Co has teamed up with London restaurant Mulberry Street Pizza to develop what is claimed to be the UK’s first bagel/pizza hybrid – dubbed the Bagelizza.

The 12-inch creation can serve up to eight people and weighs in at 1.5kg, making it up to 16 times heavier than the average bagel.

Inspired by the classic Reuben sandwich, it is topped with Mulberry Street Pizza’s signature marinara sauce, 21-day-aged grass-fed brisket, cured pastrami, sauerkraut, shavings of Swiss cheese, 300g of mozzarella and finished with a drizzle of Russian dressing.

Customers can experience the Bagelizza at the pizzeria or via Deliveroo. It will be available from midday on Saturday 9 February – which is also when National Pizza Day and National Bagel Day are celebrated.

“By combining two of the nation’s favourite dishes we can showcase the versatility of our bagels, which offer an authentic New York taste experience due to our traditional boil-and-bake method.

“The ‘Bagelizza’ demonstrates that ‘bagels’ can be enjoyed across all day parts, with multiple toppings and as a social sharing food, while offering a creative alternative to some of Britain’s most loved dishes,” said Philippa Knight, marketing manager for out of home at New York Bakery Co.

“Creativity and customisation remain key purchase drivers in the out-of-home market. By combining bread carriers such as bagels with a range of popular pizza toppings, operators can offer authentic pizzeria flavours on an individual scale or offer sharing platter options.”