Pidy, the ready-to-fill pastry specialist, has relaunched its Trendy range with a new recipe in time for Christmas. 

The range consists of square, round, mini shortcrust canapés containing neutral and sweet shortcrust pastry and chocolate pastry. The improved range now also includes an all-butter and reduced-sugar recipe.

The range has a lighter appeal and provides a higher filling to pastry ratio. The sweet and neutral flavours of the pastry also enable eateries to create a wide variety of dessert and savoury canapés.

Robert Whittle, general manager at Pidy UK, said: “The new and improved Trendy range has been altered to fit in with client demands, which include thinner and tastier pastry that is crumbly but still holds it shape.

“We have developed the Trendy range, so that it still retains its crumbly texture even after it has been filled and is ideal for busy festive periods where canapés and hors d’oeuvres need to be made in advance.

“Research over the last few years has led us to believe that our customers are seeking new ways in which to present their pastry offering with innovative shapes and texture alternatives.

“By adding a chocolate flavour also adds to the uniqueness of our pastry range as not only is it visually appealing but it also adds an extra taste dimension to dessert and sweet canapés.”