Natural food expert Naturis has developed a cocoa replacement as real cocoa prices continue to rise.

The micronised cocoa fibre replacement can substitute from 35% to 100% of cocoa in bakery, drinks and confectionery products.

Naturis believes that Cargill’s purchase of ADM’s chocolate business will result in even higher cocoa prices in the UK and Europe. The EU is currently probing the intended purchase, but there is “growing acceptance” that it will go through, according to Naturis. The company aims to reduce food manufacturers’ dependence on cocoa with its new product. Cocoa fibre is available to under 10 microns and its benefits include being bacteria free, reduced-fat, increased fibre, and improved stability. It also offers more control over costs and holds moisture.

Adam Shaw, business manager, Naturis says: “Our exclusive micronised cocoa fibre provides clear benefits to any manufacturer wishing to protect themselves from the ever-fluctuating prices for cocoa and chocolate, with a range of other benefits too.”

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