Proper Cornish has expanded its range to include three vegan offerings.

The Cornish pasty and savoury pastry manufacturer said the range of vegan products had been developed to enable it to cater to the “ever-growing vegan and flexitarian markets”.  

It added that the NPD had been developed by its in-house chefs with three things in mind – quality, taste and supply chain traceability.

The range includes the Proper Cornish Vegan Pasty – made with a meat-free alternative from the Meatless Farm Company, the Mexican Bean Pasty and a Proper Cornish Vegan Roll.  

“Through interaction with vegan forums, we found they wanted mainstream products that everyone else was eating – therefore, they didn’t want to be singled out because of their diet choice,” said Chris Pauling, managing director at Proper Cornish.

“Our mantra has always been ‘made proper to taste proper’ and there is certainly no exception with this range; the products really do deliver on taste and quality. We’re passionate about food and we want to be part of the solution to delivering great-tasting products to the vegan market.”