Scottish retailer Scotmid has launched a touring “fiery pie” competition for consumers.

Held at a selection of Scotmid branches throughout February, individuals have been invited to try the Stuart’s Fiery Pie, produced by one of Scotmid’s local bakery partners Stuart’s of Buckhaven.

Containing phaal curry and chopped up mixed chillies, it has been labelled one of the world’s hottest pies.

Any participant who manages to eat a whole pie will win a Stuart’s Fiery Pie t-shirt.

David Hobday from Stuart’s of Buckhaven, said: “Stuart’s is delighted to launch this Man vs Food-style challenge with Scotmid and our Scotmid customers. We make this chicken curry pie using our famous pie shell and the hottest curry available, the infamous phaal curry. We also add mixed chillies for that little extra pow! We’re looking forward to seeing if people can say, ‘Aye, I beat the pie!’”

Stephen Brown, bakery and local sourcing manager for Scotmid Co-operative, added: “We are delighted to be working with Stuart’s of Buckhaven on this exciting food challenge.”

Scotmid has established partnerships with seven Scottish craft bakers, with in-store bakery counters in almost 90 stores, as part of the retailer’s commitment to supporting local suppliers.

These include: Stephen’s the Bakers; Goodfellow & Steven; JG Ross; Aulds; Stuart’s of Buckhaven; The Breadwinner Bakery; and Ashers.

The retailer has also partnered with Brysons of Keswick for its new Lakes and Dales Co-operative store in Lazonby, Cumbria.

Dates for the competition are: 10 February, 11am-2pm, Scotmid Haggs; 11 February, 11am-2pm, Scotmid Bonnybridge High Street; 12 February, 11am-2pm, Scotmid Bo’ness;  13 February, 11am-2pm, Scotmid Westburn, Edinburgh; 14 February, 5pm-8pm, Scotmid Pilrig, Edinburgh; and 15 February, 1pm-4pm, Scotmid Gorgie Road, Edinburgh.