Speciality Breads has said it is helping the nation’s burger purveyors stay ahead of the latest trends with the launch of its duo of southern-style Grillhouse Burger Buns.

Arriving in time for National Burger Day on 23 August, the release will be available through the Red Tractor-certified baker’s network of wholesalers.

A report published earlier this year found that more than 80% of consumers and restaurateurs believe that a high-quality bun is a key characteristic of a gourmet burger, and consumers are willing to pay up to £1.25 more for a burger if it comes in a gourmet bun.

The new range provides a point of difference to the other carriers on the market, said Speciality Breads, and includes the Alabama Grillhouse Burger Bun and the Tennessee Grillhouse Burger Bun, each weighing 80g and available in cases of 45.

The Alabama Grillhouse Burger Bun is described by Speciality Breads as “the ultimate burger bun for operators looking to stay ahead of the latest trends and keep their offering unique”. Made with free-range eggs and a hint of red malt for flavour and colour, it has a heavy glaze and deep dark crust.

The Tennessee Grillhouse Burger Bun is made the same way as the Alabama, but is finished with poppy seeds and sesame seeds to provide added texture and a nuttier flavour.

Simon Cannell, managing director at Speciality Breads, said: “It’s about going big and impressing. Our new Grillhouse buns are the ultimate carrier for quality burgers with bags of flavour and the strength to hold all types of fillings without losing their shape.”