Square Pie has waded into the Brexit debate by launching a pie-themed poll to test the nation’s mood.

Urging pie lovers to pick a side based on their stomachs instead of their heads or their hearts, the casual dining restaurant has launched two pies, representing Bremain and Brexit respectively.

The Out pie contains British Beef, (EU-banned) wonky vegetables and ale, while the In pie is filled with a combination of Toulouse, Chorizo, Bratwurst and Pepperoni Sausages in an Italian tomato sauce. Both can be served as classic pies or with the filling used to top a jacket potato and are available for delivery via Deliveroo.

The pies will be available until the referendum polling day on 23 June and it will be possible to see which pie is winning via a chart on the Square Pie website.

Martin Dewey, founder of Square Pie, said: “The debate over Brexit has been pretty low level, so we thought it was time to raise the standard with some top-notch food. Let’s hope pies are as accurate for Brexit as the Octopus was for football. Whichever of these beauties wins, we don’t expect it to impact house prices. Enjoy.”

Last year, to celebrate the Rugby World Cup, Square Pie pitched pies inspired by the participating nations against one another in a competition which saw England triumph.