Stacey’s Bakery is bringing back its traditional Thor Cake in the run-up to Bonfire Night and is hoping to reach its 10,000th sale.

Inspired by Vikings, the Thor Cake is a spicy autumn bake with a chewy texture and gingery kick. It is made from oatmeal, treacle, butter, demerara sugar and coriander.

Stacey’s Bakery first reintroduced the treat in 2016 and has brought it back each year. This year it hopes to sell its 10,000th unit.

“We’ve really begun to look forward to this every year now. The Thor Cake is great fun, it’s a traditional part of our baking culture here in the East Midlands and it’s a cake that has always been the focal point for bringing our communities together at this time of year,” said David Stacey, managing director of Stacey’s Bakery.

“More to the point, our customers really love it. It’s only ever available for six weeks each autumn, but we’ve sold 7,500 Thor Cakes over the past three years and I have no doubt that, as Bonfire Night draws nearer, we’ll push well beyond the 10,000 mark.”