Supermarkets face a threat from independent retailers as over 60% of UK adults choose to shop in discount stores, new figures reveal.

Published by wholesaler Rowan, the poll of 2,000 adults revealed 56% of customers found the shopping experience within independent stores had become better. Additionally, 79% would continue to use the retailers, even if personal financial circumstances improved.

Of those polled, 69% of shoppers were educated to degree level and above, and made regular visits to their local independent.

James Russell, Rowan commercial director, said the threat from local 99p stores could be as great as that from Aldi and Lidl as retailers benefit from their position on the high street.

“It’s no secret that Aldi and Lidl have grown recently – they are big chains, so this gets noticed,” Russell said. “However, their smaller rivals have also boomed, but this has slipped under the radar. Arguably, the growth of British independent discounters is the more significant trend.”