Tesco is to replace its Tesco Value range with a more brightly-packaged brand, Everyday Value.

The supermarket retailer said the launch follows extensive research into what customers want to see from a value brand today.

The range will have a very British focus, with British flour to be used to make a number of the range’s bakery products, such as pancakes, crumpets and scones.

The Everyday Value range has three focus areas: Quality, Healthier Options and Packaging Improvements, said Tesco, which has reviewed more than 550 lines to create the new range.

Changes made to products include improved pizza bases and more toppings, more chocolate in its milk chocolate digestive biscuits and 33% more chocolate chips in its chocolate chip biscuits.

The packaging is “more colourful and softer than the blue-and-white of the old Value range”, according to Tesco, which said it has also improved the way it functions, by, for example, including biscuits in easy-open packets.

David Wood, marketing director, Tesco UK, said; “Tesco was the first supermarket to launch a Value range back in 1993, with the blue-and-white striped brand giving customers a down-to-earth option. Almost 20 years on and an affordable quality range is more relevant than ever, but customers’ needs have changed.

“We have listened closely to what our customers want and Everyday Value will provide products that taste better, look better and are healthier – still at the same great price.”