The wholemeal bagels from The New York Bakery Co (NYBC) are low in saturated fat and are a source of fibre.

The company has said that the wholemeal bagels, which are specifically for the foodservice and food-to-go markets, are in response to consumer demands for healthier sandwiches and snacks.

It said “The New York Style Wholemeal Bagel has been launched in response to an 85% increase in the consumption of brown and wholemeal bread in the UK, as consumers become more conscious about what they are eating and seek to make healthier choices in their diet.”

The 115g wholemeal bagels are supplied frozen in cases of 48. They need to be defrosted in a cool, dry place for two hours, and then sliced and toasted or grilled for one to two minutes. 

Last month, the New York Bakery Co launched poppy seed bagels.