Ingredients specialist Ulrick & Short has called upon food manufacturers to concentrate on nutritional profile and label declarations of gluten-free NPD.

Ulrick said manufacturers needed to keep up with market demands, as consumers need to know that their food products of choice adhere to certain free-from criteria.

They added that the new challenge is to maintain the “no compromise” theme while further improving nutritional profile and simplifying ingredient declarations.

“It’s no longer good enough to provide an equivalent gluten-free product; consumers will be looking for free-from that also gives a simpler, more transparent label declaration and improved nutritional profile compared to other foodstuffs on the shelf,” said Danielle Schroeter, research and development manager for Ulrick & Short.

“With our expert technologists very much on the case, there’s no end to the lengths we will go to help manufacturers meet demand for that level of sophistication in the free-from market.”

In March 2017, Ulrick & Short launched a starch designed to enhance flavour in lower-fat foodstuffs.