Waitrose has revamped its own-label sliced bread portfolio with the addition of eight healthier loaves.

A Wholemeal & Rye Cob, described as a soft crumb loaf topped with coarse bran; a malty and sweet Oat & Ancient Grain Cob; and a soft grain Multigrain Farmhouse are among the new additions (see full list below).

“Shoppers looking for a healthier choice in the bread aisle will find some new additions carrying the Good Health Label, as Waitrose has created several innovative doughs that provide a good source of fibre,” a spokesperson for the retailer said.

The NPD is being rolled out alongside an exclusive signature loaf from The Black Sheep Bakery – a sliced sourdough bloomer, which Waitrose said has a springy texture and ‘wonderfully’ thick crust. The Black Sheep Bakery’s Tiger Bread is also joining the range. Both are priced £1.45.

They are available in Waitrose stores now, along with the Good Health range, with a 20%-off introductory offer.

The full list of new additions is:

  • Waitrose Ancient Grain and Oat Cob, £1.25, 600g
  • Waitrose Sunflower and Pumpkin Cob, £1.25, 600g
  • Waitrose Wholemeal and Rye Cob, £1.25, 600g - high in fibre
  • Waitrose Brown and Linseed Half Bloomer, £1.35, 400g - high in fibre
  • Waitrose Malted Grain Cob, £1.25, 600g
  • Waitrose Multigrain Farmhouse, £0.89, 400g
  • Waitrose Wheat & Rye Half Bloomer, £1.35, 400g
  • Waitrose Multiseed Farmhouse, £0.89, 400g - high in fibre

Fibre is becoming increasingly important to baked goods manufacturers. Notably, Marks & Spencer added fibre to all of its bread in 2016. British Baker subscribers can find out more about how to up fibre levels in bakery products via our high-fibre and seeded bakery feature.