British baking company Warburtons is to join forces with Canadian International Grains institute (Cigi) in an attempt to revolutionise the use of pulse flours in the food sector.

The major pulse research initiative aims to produce healthier baked products and advance the use of pulses such as yellow peas, red and green lentils, chickpeas and navy beans.

The research will see breads, rolls, crumpets, sandwich thins and tortillas made with specific nutritional values and using flours milled from different pulse types. 

It builds on the expertise Cigi has developed over the last 10 years in collaboration with the pulse industry, focusing on the functionality and application of pulse flours, while at the same time reflects the increasing consumer demand for innovative and new bakery products.

Adam Dyck, Warburtons Canadian program manager, commented: “Warburtons is proud to be partnering with Cigi on this exciting project to advance the use of pulses in the food industry.

He added: “This new research underlines the increasing popularity of new and innovative bakery products among consumers and is testament to Warburtons’ commitment to future growth through diversification and innovation.” 

The three-year project aims to develop a database summarising new and existing information on the compositional, functional and flavour properties of pulses of the greatest interest to the food industry.

In July, Warburtons celebrated its 140th anniversary by offering people the chance to win £140 each day until the 26July.