A survey conducted by national workplace law consultancy, protecting.co.uk has concluded that Britain’s favourite biscuit in the place of work is...

Office workers, builders and shop staff voted and the Chocolate Digestive came out as the best biscuit to eat in your tea break.

The survey was answered by 6,000 people and posed the question: “What’s your favourite biscuit for your workplace tea break?” 

And the top 10 favourites were:

1.            Chocolate Digestives
2.            Chocolate Hob Nobs
3.            Custard Creams
4.            Bourbons
5.            Rich Tea
6.            Chocolate Chip Cookies
7.            Malted Milks
8.            Ginger Nuts
9.            Shortbread
10.          Jammie Dodgers

But the Chocolate Digestive’s victory was not clear cut. Less than 20 votes separated it from its Hob Nob rival, but both were well ahead of the rest of the field.

“Given the choice, it looks like the Chocolate Digestive is Britain’s favourite dunker,” said Protecting.co.uk spokesperson Mark Hall. “And that’s reassuring to know in these times troubled by economic and political uncertainty."