Younger shoppers are more likely to use specialist food stores and cook from scratch than their older counterparts, according to new research.

Published by research and training charity IGD, the monthly ShopperVista report, compiled from 1,011 shoppers, revealed that 18% of under-35s are twice as likely to want to use specialist stores more in the future.

Produced from analysis in October, it also showed that under-35s are more likely to shop ethically, cook from scratch and are more than twice as likely to think they will be better off in the year ahead. Over 20% (23%) said that they will buy more organic produce over the next year, compared to 11% of over-35s.

According to Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive at IGD, this is partly due to under-35s growing up seeing high-profile ethical campaigns by celebrity chefs.

“As well as wanting to do the right thing, younger people are more interested in cooking from scratch, using leftovers to waste less, and spending a little more on food and drink to make a nice meal or have a treat if they have spare money at the end of the month,” she said.

“These trends provide opportunities for retailers and food manufacturers to target younger shoppers with targeted marketing and new products that will chime with their more optimistic outlook.”