American and Tex-Mex wholesaler Funnybones Foodservice has unveiled a duo of desserts featuring sweet nachos.

Available as standalone items, or as a dessert on its La Mexicana foodservice concepts, the sweet nachos are created by frying up Funnybones’ tortillas, covering with sugar and serving warm with ice cream or sauces and fruit compotes, such as dulce de leche or apple and cinnamon compote.

Completing the duo are Mini-Churros with Cocoa Cream – a doughnut stick filled with a ganache-style filling. The churros are fully cooked and bite-sized, which Funnybones said made them ideal for serving with coffee or as a sharing dessert with dulce du leche and chocolate sauce.

They are available in a 1.4kg pack containing about 75 frozen mini-churros which need to be defrosted before serving.

“It’s amazing how frying up the simple tortilla, and serving it sweet instead of savoury, can completely change your perspective on a well-loved product,” said Tom Styman-Heighton, Funnybones Foodservice development chef.

Funnybones is also rolling out two new Tex-Mex food concepts that are fully branded and can be used for pop-up sites or permanent offerings. La Mexicana Nacheria serves up nachos with cheese and meat toppings with sides, while La Mexicana Taqueria offers tacos, either in traditional taco shells or new Taco Boats.