Patisserie Holdings has become the latest chain to introduce a 50p discount for customers who order a takeaway drink and bring their own reusable cup.

From 22 January, the discount will be rolled out across its brands and stores to combat the amount of paper cups going into landfill sites.

Following the government’s call to introduce a ‘latte levy’, coffee shop chains such as Pret A Manger have also introduced the 50p discount for customers in recent weeks, to reduce waste.

Paul May, CEO of Patisserie Holdings, said the company hoped the offer made a difference, both in terms of lowering waste and economically for customers.

“Our customers have been asking for us to introduce an offer on reusable cups for a while now, so we felt it was time to initiate this,” said May. “We certainly feel that this offer will economically benefit our new and existing customers, who purchase take-away hot drinks from us on a regular basis, and believe that this discount will really make a difference.”

Patisserie Holdings revealed that it was looking for long-term solutions to introducing recyclable cups, which could be implemented going forward.

Paul UK announced today (19 January) that it will increase its reusable cup discount from 10p to 25p as part of its ‘Paul Cares Policy’.