The London-based Carotino Group has launched two new varieties of the new bakery product, Baker’s Friend.

Baker’s Friend Light and Baker’s Friend Extra Light have been developed due to customer demand - aiming to directly replace butter and margarine in baking with a healthier and cheaper alternative.

Baker’s Friend was launched earlier this year and is being used in bakeries across the UK.

Dan Lawson, managing director of Carotino EU, said: “Some customers prefer an intense buttery flavour but other prefer a lighter taste, depending on the application. We wanted to give customers a range of options so they can get the best possible results in their finished products, whatever they may be.

“Baker’s Friend offers so many health and cost benefits that our customers wanted to be able to use it in a broader range of products than they originally started with – everything from cupcakes to cookies, biscuits to baklava and pastries to pies.”

Baker’s Friend was developed following years of technical research in the quest to make an authentic-tasting butter alternative. As well as being used in bakery products, it can also be used in a wide range of food applications which require butter or fat.