Ingredients supplier Dawn Foods has teamed up with Oxford University psychology professor Charles Spence to examine why consumers buy certain bakery items.

Spence, Professor of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, has been commissioned by Dawn to write a series of articles looking at the senses and how these affect shopper’s bakery purchasing choices.

The articles will be available next year on the relaunched Dawn website (see below) under the ‘Sweet Bakeology’ banner. The campaign has been designed to show how and why consumers choose products for their taste and visual impact, or at certain times of the day.

Subject areas will include:

  • How different tastes/flavours make us feel
  • Why we crave certain tastes/flavours
  • How our senses affect what and how we purchase and consume items
  • Product size and visual impact and how this influences purchase
  • The temperature at which a sweet bakery product is served.

Dawn will also use Spence’s insights to advise customers through other communication channels, such as social media and direct marketing, on the types of products to stock or recipes to use to tap these sensory trends.

Sweet Bakeology will form part of Dawn’s ongoing American Bakery campaign, which the supplier has been running for three years. Activity has included a virtual American Road Trip, visiting a different city each month, and the introduction of fictional travel blogger Dan Jackson. In the past year, the business teamed with food historian Seren Evans-Charrington and food futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye to look at the history of some bakery classics and offer insights into how bakery is set to change in coming years. 

“Dawn Foods’ integrated marketing campaigns have enabled us to engage directly with bakers and caterers and inspire them with innovative ways to use our products,” said Dawn Foods UK and Ireland marketing manager Jacqui Passmore.

She added the activity with Spence would give bakers information to help them tailor their offering according to the senses.

“It’s a fascinating area and Professor Spence is highly regarded in this field so we are delighted to be working with him.”

Dawn website revamped with fresh, warm look

Dawn Foods has unveiled its new corporate website, which is designed to highlight how quality bakery products are part of sharing important dates and milestones with family and friends.

Ingredients supplier Dawn said the site offers a ‘fresh, warm look’, product information, recipe ideas, trends and consumer insights for customers.

The new site has sections for bakers working in all the channels Dawn serves – artisanal, in-store, foodservice and food manufacturing – with information on the technical support available to help them build their business.

Dawn said the new website was part of a total rebranding exercise currently being undertaken by the business to position all product and communications under a consistent Dawn Foods umbrella identity.

 “The new Dawn website has been launched to act as a welcome point of contact to customers and business partners worldwide,” said Dawn Foods UK and Ireland marketing manager Jacqui Passmore.

“The new website has been launched to position Dawn as a global brand, but also to promote the important role bakers have in bringing people together to enjoy life’s ‘sweet moments’ and to support them in maximising these moments as business opportunities.”