Dawn Foods has expanded its range of dry mixes, bases and concentrates with two gluten-free Muffin Mixes.

Available in chocolate and vanilla flavours, the new mixes have natural colours and flavours, which are palm oil-free and FSA 2017 salt-compliant.

According to Dawn, the mix can be used to make a variety of loaf and family cakes, which enables bakers to offer a range of cost-effective gluten-free products from one bag of mix.

“Both products offer the same moist taste, airy texture and volume as Dawn’s regular muffin mixes,” Dawn said. “Bakers use the same application methods and will find the batter holds inclusions and fillings well and always domes. The opportunity for bakers and caterers to offer gluten-free sweet bakery products as another product line is fast expanding.”

According to Mintel the ‘free-from’ market, which includes gluten-free, is expected to rise from £470m in 2015 to £672m by 2020.

Dawn has said further gluten-free product launches will follow later this year.