The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published a summary of food incidents handled between April and June 2016, which includes five bakery products.

This list summarises alerts issued by the FSA to recall or withdraw products and, over the three-month period, the company issued 47 food notices, of which 25 were allergy alerts, with the top three undeclared allergens being milk, gluten and soya.

The list included Jacobsens Bakery Ltd recalling all tins of ‘Disney Favourites’, ‘Disney Frozen’ and ‘Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ chocolate chip cookies because they contained milk, which was not mentioned on the label in April. This affected small retailers, including Poundland and Home Bargains.

Other bakeries included Garth Bakery recalling its Chocolate Sponge Cake in May because it contained soya, which was not mentioned on the labelling.

The FSA plays an important role in helping the food industry and local authorities to warn the public of possible risks with the food products they buy.

It deals with around 1,500 incidents every year, defined as any event where there is an actual or suspected threat to the safety or quality of food.